Play for Keeps 2012

Another season of Stockyards Theatre Project's Play for Keeps has been completed, with Stockyards Managing Director Francesca Peppiatt again leading the charge. As usual, the workshops led up to a showcase of some of the works developed, which was held at Next Door, 659 West Diversey Parkway, on November 4 and 5.

Readings that were performed included:

·  "Coloring Outside the Lines" by Tanise A. Robnett
·  "Spirals" by Francesca Peppiatt
·  "Building an Afterlife" by Elana Elyce
·  "Crossing the Rails" by Julie Pearson
·  "The Last Single Girl" by Chakira Lane & Tanise Robnett
·  "Moment Realized" by Teri Jo Marie Rask
·  "Downsizing" by Lucca Suvi

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