Play for Keeps 2011

Stockyards' Play for Keeps writing workshop posted another season in 2011 and was again led by Francesca Peppiatt, Stockyards managing director. This year's showcase of works was again held at Café Ballou on October 9 and 16.

Readings that were performed included:

·  "Chocolate Cake and Moby Dick" by Naomi Finkelstein
·  "The Touch Method" by Naomi Finkelstein
·  "By the Light" by Francesca Peppiatt
·  "Laura & Brit Make Toast" by Lucca Suvi
·  "Hawaii" by Mallory Primm

·  "Men" by Anna Hodge
·  "To Enter a Walled Garden" by Lorraine Harrell
·  "The Traveller of Tenby" by Jenny Seidelman

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