Play for Keeps 2010

Stockyards' Play for Keeps writing workshop for actresses and writers continued in 2010, once again facilitated by Francesca Peppiatt, Stockyards managing director. A showcase for some of the works created during this year's program was held at Café Ballou on October 3, 5, 10, 11, and 12.

One act plays performed included:

·  "Dimension" by Richard Norby
·  "Faithfully" by Tanise Aida Robnett
·  "Mental Health" by Gwyneth Davis
·  "Outside My Cubicle" by Lucca Suvi
·  "O'What Now?" by Valerie Banks

·  "People Wish They Had My Problems" by Beth Bruins
·  "The Rebound Girl" by Tanise Aida Robnett
·  "Retail" by Lucca Suvi

·  "Zero to Crazy" by Francesca Peppiatt

Also performed were excerpts from longer plays:

·  "The Intercessor" by Danielle White
·  "Me, Louise and the Queen of the B's" by Brenda Kilianski 

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