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Play for Keeps

Play for Keeps

Stockyards Theatre Project announces 2016 "Play For Keeps" Workshop
Join Stockyards for the tenth year of the Play For Keeps program, designed for women actors to create new roles to play on stage! The program consists of six two-hour sessions of effective writing exercises, facilitated group feedback, and cold-reading practice, followed by a culminating staged reading for the public. First-timers with no writing experience have the option of also working one-on- one with a professional writer. Theatre artists of all genders and specialties are welcome to participate, if their work supports Stockyards’ mission, "giving volume to the voices of women." This is an opportunity to create a theatre piece designed for yourself to empower your career in a program facilitated by an Emmy nominated writer, playwright, published author while surrounded by supportive participants. This year’s workshop begins on Sunday, September 11th and continues each Sunday through October 16 from 4pm-6pm in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. If you have any questions about the program or would like to sign up, please email facilitator Francesca Peppiatt: stockyards@stockyardstheatreproject.org

Join us for 2016 Play For Keeps staged readings!

- Tuesday, November 1 and Tuesday, November 15 at 7:00pm
- Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL
- Free! Plus, half price drinks!
- www.greenhousetheater.org

American Theatre magazine had this to say about Play for Keeps.

And here are some testimonials from previous P4K participants:
  • "Play for Keeps is a unique program and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to participate. I look forward to next season." – Cyra P.

  • "I thought Play for Keeps was a great opportunity. I think I learned how to let go of my own work and the value of hearing it from others mouths. I also learned that I am a creator, and perhaps a writer. Overall, I’m really glad I did it. It was nice to have someone out there foster growth from women who otherwise would not have taken a chance to create something. In addition, writing exercises and small assignments helped to push the creative juices into action." – Courtney B.

  • "I’ve already mentioned it to some people who have expressed interest! I did learn a lot about my writing process, which I had never dabbled in before. Thank you for letting me be a part of it." – Janel H.

  • "This is a good format. The piece I was involved in was essentially meant as an educational piece, an outreach play about historical figures. Coming up with a structure that would move the piece in any predetermined direction might have taken us away from its natural evolution. I loved the fact that P4K developed not only pieces like ours but social commentary/satire(s) and dramas and sex comedies as well. You got a lot of flavors this year and that is wonderful." – Tim J.
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